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My art is born of many loves. I am very frugal and have always had a knack and a passion for finding new ways to use old items, for creating something new and better out of the old and forgotten. My work and personal growth is always in progress and I love that moment when I have a great idea and put it into play.
One of my favorite mediums is copper. It is such a versatile medium and so many different things can happen from the same starting point. I love the sensuousness of the Victorian and steampunk styles, using layers and colors and unusual materials to get one of a kind pieces.
My work today is really an exploration of what can be done with a small amount of resources and a drive to create lush and beautiful, as well as versatile, pieces. As far as jewelry making goes, I am self taught, so always eager and ready to learn new techniques, to better my craft and to make those who wear my items feel happy and special.
I currently live in Maryville Tn, a sleepy town near Knoxville. The lovely mountain views and fresh air are a real inspiration. If I am not working on here I am generally out puttering about in my garden or taking care of (read cleaning up after!) my two troublemaking kitties :D
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