Daisy chain gourd birdhouse

$28.00 USD


Product Description

This simple and pretty gourd birdhouse features the natural beauty of the gourd, accented with hand painted daisy blossoms in a chain around the gourd! The gorgeous oranges and yellows of the gourd are shown off beautifully with the white and yellow of the flowers, outlined in black. Perfect for your wild flower garden, back yard, or covered porch!
This particular gourd has been sold, but if you buy this birdhouse, I will chose a gourd with a similar shape and size and hand-paint your gourd for you! There will be some slight variations, but the birds won't mind!

Due to the handmade and hand painted nature of these gourd birdhouses, there may be some slight variations , but I will endeavor to minimize them. If you want some sort of variation in color, let me know now!

If you do not have a good location for an exterior birdhouse, these also make attractive patio, deck, and home decor ornaments, as well as great gifts for any occasion. It is recommend that you bring the birdhouse into your garage or home during the winter if you live where there is a lot of inclement weather.

All my gourds are grown on my east Tennessee farm, then dried, cleaned and hand painted for a unique and eye-catching yard feature! This is a martin gourd, which are generally about 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Sometimes there is organic material left inside the gourd (seeds and such) but don't worry, the birds just use it for nesting material! There are drainage holes drilled in to the bottom of the gourd, as well.
Our gourds are grown organically, free of pesticides or other chemicals.
Sealed with non-yellowing clear spray paint to keep the finish fresh and hung on a leather cord.

This item ships priority mail, so there is a price difference based on region. If you live close by and the shipping costs are lower, I will issue overage refunds (to the nearest dollar)


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